Your resident host of the Plaid Mustache is mal1. Currently living in Toronto ON, (since 2009) where I am attending grad school. This is my outlet for sharing great music, videos and fun facts with the world.

Why the “Plaid Mustache”? The plaid mustache was chosen as a logo due to “Plaid‘s” inevitably retro allusion that has been brought back to life in both hipster culture now-leading to the mainstream. The style of music that I enjoy encompasses and embraces elements of funk, disco, hip-hop, electro, house, and all those things jacked up and revived a bit. Why the Mustache? Of course “Mustache‘s” undeniable authoritative force and persuasiveness, characterized for a generation by such notables as Chuck Norris, and Ned Flanders.  When the mustache speaks… you listen.

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